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Welcome to Traverse City, Michigan, population 18,000. The city has malls, movie theaters, schools, and playgrounds. Kids swim here in the summer and make snowmen during the winter. Sometimes they pretend to live in an ordinary place. But Traverse City is far from ordinary. It is set on one of the Great Lakes and is famous for summertime fun. Thousands of people visit every year.

Still, few know the cityís real secret. Less talk about it. You see, Traverse City is home to three unusual superheroes. This story is about them.

Meet Abigail, the oldest of our heroes by a whole eight minutes. When it comes to sports, no one is better. She will beat anyone, anywhere, anytime. Her duffle bag is stuffed with athletic equipment that never weighs her down. Once she sank a pirate ship with a well-aimed drive of her golf club.
Andrew is next. Heís Abigailís twin brother, her younger twin by a measly eight minutes. If it has wheels, Andrew can ride it. Weíre talking skateboards, bicycles, dune buggies, and jumbo jets. Anything with wheels. He even rode a unicycle to victory in a BMX bike race.
Last but definitely not least is Baby ZoŽ. Sheís the strongest of the heroes, like Superman in a diaper. She might not be able to walk that well, but she can fly and shoot lasers from her eyes. ZoŽ puts the super in superhero.
Together the three siblings keep the streets and neighborhoods of Traverse City, Michigan, and America safe. Together they are ...
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