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“Bursting,” Baby Zoë groaned, holding her belly.

She was at the cider mill with her whole family. It was Halloween, and they were supposed to be picking out pumpkins. But Zoë had gobbled up too much cider and too many cinnamon donuts. Now she was feeling stuffed. Her super appetite matched her superpowers, not her stomach.

“Batter up,” Abigail called out. “It’s pumpkin pickin’ time.”

“Guess who gets to drive the tractor?” Andrew added, smiling as if it were his birthday.

Hearing that got Zoë back on her feet. Andrew was amazing on anything with wheels, but he wasn’t always the safest driver. The family might need Zoë’s superpowers, and soon.

Thankfully Dad sat up front with Andrew, so the ride was uneventful. Slow and safe, just the way parents liked it. Soon the heroes found themselves in a field so loaded with pumpkins that there were dozens of places to hide.
Abigail found a pumpkin for herself first.

“It’s perfect!” she declared, holding it over her head for everyone to see.

Not surprisingly, the pumpkin was shaped like a big football. The sports star had found a pumpkin that fit her athletic personality.

Andrew didn’t do too bad himself. His pumpkin was as round and plump as could be. With a little imagination, it would make an ideal fairy tale carriage.

With some special modifications, of course.

Zoë picked the largest pumpkin of all. Without her super-strength, she wouldn’t have been able to lift it.

“Big,” she grunted, and her parents smiled.

“That’s right, Zoë,” Mom agreed. “Big indeed. You and your pumpkin are both larger than life.”

Little did any of them know that big was going to be everybody’s problem that Halloween night.

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