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“Is that all you’ve got?” Abigail challenged her brother. “Pick up the pace, Wheelie-boy!”

“Double-time!” Zoë ordered.

Ahead of them, Andrew smiled to himself and pedaled harder. He was already racing faster than the proverbial speeding bullet. Now it was time to kick his superpowers into high gear.

“Hold onto your hot rods!” he shouted over his shoulder.

He was spending a perfect summer day at the beach with his family. Perfect for him because he got to go fast. Perfect for his sisters because they got to tag along for the ride.

Not that Andrew minded. He lived for speed. Today that meant he was pedaling a paddleboat and towing his sisters behind him. Abigail was water-skiing on the left—slalom-style, the showoff. Zoë squealed and whooped from her seat on an inner tube.

Only one thing could interrupt their fun.


That was it. A call from Mom. It was as powerful a summons as Batman’s Bat-Signal. When the heroes heard it, they responded immediately and without exception. They zoomed over to Mom on the double.

That was her superpower, making them hurry. The heroes knew who was the boss of them.

When they got to shore, Dad met them with a grin. “Why doesn’t anyone go hungry at the beach?” he asked.

Abigail and Andrew groaned. “Because of all the sand which is there,” they said in unison, sounding like bored robots.

Sand which is. Get it? Sandwiches. Dad asked the same old joke on every visit to the beach. “Duh,” Zoë muttered, crossing her eyes.

Still, everyone laughed. Being together as a family sometimes made bad jokes funny. Especially if lunch was on the way.

Mom raised a tray piled high with sandwiches. “Who’s ready to eat?” she asked. “I made everyone’s favorite.”

Everyone’s favorite indeed, but not what you might expect. There was no boring bologna. No plain PB&J. Mom made super-sandwiches for super-hungry heroes.

“Dig in!” Dad urged, and he couldn’t have been more right. Little did he know that soon the heroes would be doing exactly that. But not for sandwiches. They would be digging for dinos.

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