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Poke, poke, poke. Zoë poked her sleeping sister in the shoulder.

“Greetings,” she said cheerily.

Abigail didn’t stir and Zoë frowned. She was going to have to use more force, which she was good at. She sucked in a huge breath and then:

“G-O-A-L!” she shouted like an excited soccer announcer after a score.

Abigail sat straight up, and her eyes popped open. “Did we win?” she blinked sleepily. Sports always got her attention.

Zoë tried hard not to laugh. Abigail’s hair was sticking up in more directions than an octopus’ arms on the ice of Joe Louis Arena. Abigail didn’t wear number 19 for nothing. Go Red Wings!

To keep herself quiet, Zoë quickly touched a finger to her lips. With her other hand, she pointed at Abigail’s electric guitar.

“Gag,” she whispered with a wink. Zoë had a plan for waking her brother. A LOUD plan.

Today was the day for loud. It was the yearly Battle of the Bands on the Bay, also called 3B for short. It was a fun competition between music groups and singers to see who was best. Everyone performed and then the crowd voted by cheering.

For three years in a row, a band named Mo and the Hair Hawks had won. The band looked like real rockstars. Their leader even had a Mohawk haircut.

Nevertheless, the heroes hoped to win this year. In between saving the world and doing their homework, they had been practicing hard. In fact, sometimes they practiced while doing homework and saving the world. A superhero’s work was never done!

This morning, however, Abigail and Zoë’s work was easy. Wake up Andrew with a smile. Their smiles, that is, not his. Because they would be the ones laughing.

The girls sneaked silently out of the room. They crept quietly down the hall. And then they slinked soundlessly into Andrew’s room and right up to his bed.

After that the morning was all noise. Abigail planted her feet, stood up straight, and raised her right arm into the air. A guitar pick twinkled briefly in her hand.

“Stand back,” she warned Zoë. Then she brought her arm down and played an ear-splitting power-chord on her guitar.


For once Andrew didn’t roll out of bed. He screamed before his wheels could even get turning.

“What’s the big idea?” he gasped.

Abigail just shrugged. “Time for 3B,” she said sweetly.

Little did any of them know that the battle of the bands would turn into a war.

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