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ďJealous,Ē ZoŽ said, crossing her arms and making a sour face.

Being a superhero, you see, didnít stop her from behaving like a toddler. Or misbehaving like one. She could pout as good as anyone.

As good, that is, only a whole lot louder.

Today, however, ZoŽ thought she had reason to pout. She and her family were on a ferry crossing Lake Huron. The crossing took about 15 minutes and would take them to Mackinac Island.

What a fun place! ZoŽ could hardly wait to get there. Eighty percent of the island was a historic national park. Tourists could explore its limestone caves, visit a real frontier fort, and peer through legendary Arch Rock.

In fact, ZoŽ had already done that. As an infant, she had flown up to Arch Rock and given the other tourists quite a scare.

So why was ZoŽ pouting? Because her brother got to drive the boat across Lake Huron. He always got to drive. If it had wheels, he could ride it. That went for driving boats, too.

Andrew gripped the steering wheel like the captain of a Caribbean pirate ship. Look out, Captain Jack. Here comes Admiral Andrew.

Normally the heroes and their parents didnít give in to pouting. That was a family rule. But they were on vacation and today was special. They could overlook bad behavior this once.

Mom and Dad nodded. ďKeep both hands on the wheel,Ē they told ZoŽ. ďAnd donít go too fast.Ē

ZoŽ clapped her hands and squealed. ďJoy!Ē Finally a chance to drive! She shoved Andrew out of the way and grasped the wheel.

Would she drive too fast? Not for her. ZoŽ could fly to the North Pole and back in minutes. No speed was too fast for her.

The other passengers, however, didnít quite agree.

ďIím feeling seasick,Ē someone in the back complained.

ďJoker,Ē ZoŽ replied. Think about it. They were on a lake, not the sea. How could a passenger be seasick? Water-weary, maybe. But seasick? Impossible.

Next someone who lived in an apartment building would complain of having cabin fever. Funny, funny.

ďLand ahoy,Ē Dad mumbled, a hand covering his mouth. His cheeks looked a little green. Maybe he had a case of boating bloating. ZoŽ couldnít figure it out.

Fortunately, he and the other passengers quickly recovered. Thanks to ZoŽ, they had reached Mackinac Island in record time. A day of shopping, sightseeing, and sun awaited them. Who wouldnít feel better knowing that?

What they didnít know was that a surprise also awaited them. Australian Days had come to the island, and they didnít plan on leaving.

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