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“Kitties!” Zoë exclaimed, fidgeting on the family room floor. Her favorite TV show, Kung Fu Kitties, was about to start.

“The popcorn is on me,” Andrew said, rolling into the room on his Heelies. He meant it, too. Literally. A big bowl of buttery popcorn was balanced on his head.

“I’ve got drinks,” Abigail said. She dashed into the room behind Andrew, digging into her duffel bag.

Drinks, however, wasn’t exactly what she meant. She had a drink. One DRINK. It was a tall orange cooler filled with sports juice like the kind kept on the sidelines at a football game. Sometimes the team dumped the drink onto their coach’s head after a big win.

“Killjoys!” Zoë shushed her siblings. The twins were doing too much talking and not enough watching. The Kung Fu Kitties was about to begin.


That’s how the show started every week, with the crash of a gong. Mr. Meowee appeared on screen first. He was the Kung Fu Kitties’ teacher. No one knew exactly how old he was, but Mr. Meowee had been hunting mice since before the invention of the mousetrap. Practice makes purrrrfect he often told his students.


The first of Mr. Meowee’s three students needed the most reminding. Moose Lee was as lazy as a cat in a patch of sunshine and almost as big as his name. Next to kung fu, his favorite thing to do was eat. He ate sardines in his sleep, poultry at practice, and tuna at the tournament. Moose Lee put the eat in defeat.


The second student, Chuck Morris, was Moose Lee’s exact opposite. He was pure muscle, solid, and strong. Dogs feared him, and mice fainted at the mention of his name. Chuck Morris put the cat in dogcatcher.


Lucy Mew completed and complemented the trio of kitties. She was a shadow, a stalker, and a spy. Hear her coming? Never. See her? Too late. Lucy Mew made silence seem loud and made darkness her playground. She put the night in her enemies’ nightmares.

In this week’s episode, the Kung Fu Kitties battled their archenemy, the Rattler. The Rattler was part rat, part snake, and all venom. He could chase a cat up a tree, steal bones from a hungry dog, and still have to time to try to take over the world. With every diabolical deed, his tail twitched and buzzed like a rattlesnake’s.

“Ratical,” he often snickered while rubbing his filthy paws together.

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