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“We’re on deck,” Abigail informed her siblings. “Next up—us!”

Hearing the news, Andrew and Zoë shared pleased looks. It was about time! They had been waiting 15 minutes to get their fingerprints taken. Not even criminals in jail waited that long!

Zoë, however, didn’t quite understand what to expect. She mistook fingerprints for a very important person.

She expected to meet royalty today, a real nobleman. She expected to meet the one and only Finger Prince!

That, of course, wasn’t meant to be. The heroes and the people of Traverse City had gathered to celebrate Meet the Coppers. Sponsored by the police, the yearly event offered games, activities, and demonstrations for the whole family. To participate, attendees had to be fingerprinted. Admission was otherwise free.

After the heroes washed the ink off their fingers, Andrew wheeled them to their first stop: a motorcycle demonstration by the Chopper Cops. The heroes’ friend, Officer Duncan McDoughnut, showed off his riding skills first. He paraded past pylons, wheelied while waving, and raced ’round the crowd.

Even Andrew was grudgingly impressed by the officer’s driving. “Not bad,” he admitted. “For a human.”

Abigail gave her brother a quizzical stare. “For a human?” she repeated. “What does that make you?”

Andrew thrust an index finger into the air, preparing to respond. Listen up, the gesture demanded. Zoë quicklyv cut him off.

“Loco,” she said. Andrew was crazy. Human but crazy. Her own index finger rotated next to the side of her head.

Next in the lineup came the T.C. K9ers—Traverse City’s special canine unit. These daring dogs could sniff out danger even with clothespins on their noses. Sense trouble blindfolded. Eat treats without using their paws. They even located a criminal in the crowd. Imagine the surprise!

The K9ers knew how to play too. They fetched and frolicked, barked and begged, all on command of their trainer, Officer Harry Barker.

When the officer broke out a Frisbee, Abigail couldn’t resist leaping into the action. She had recently hoped to play Frisbee with a dinosaur, but that didn’t work out as planned. Trained police dogs were the next best thing. Chomp!

Abigail didn’t go so far as to follow the K9ers into their kennel. After the dogs’ performance, they deserved every biscuit and bone for themselves. Abigail rejoined her family instead.

She did, however, glance longingly at the dogs a last time. She also whispered one heartfelt word.


Andrew echoed it immediately, and Zoë clasped her tiny hands together.

“Loveable?” she begged her parents.

Mom and Dad smiled at one another before nodding. How could they refuse? Abigail, Andrew, and Baby Zoë wanted a pet. So Michigan’s superhero family would adopt one.

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