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“Muscles,” Zoë said, stating the obvious. Nearby, her brother and sister shared a look. There she goes again.

“That’s right, Zoë,” Abigail said patiently. “You have super strength.”

“You sure do,” Andrew agreed. “We couldn’t have built this truck without you.”

Zoë nodded enthusiastically. She was proud of herself. It wasn’t every baby sister that could lift a truck over her head. What better way for her brother to give it an oil change?

Dad strolled out of the house. “You kids need any help?” he offered. “I was pretty handy in auto shop class back in high school. I had a regular green thumb.”

The twins shot him a look.

“A green thumb?” Abigail inquired.

“That’s for plants, not cars and trucks,” Andrew said, rolling his eyes.

Dad chuckled. “Shows what you know. My assignment was to restore an old 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood. Wood and wheels takes a green thumb.”

Fortunately the heroes’ truck was nothing like Dad’s ancient wreck. They named the vehicle Crime Crusher and it looked ready to do exactly that. Crush crime and anything else in its way.

A red, white, and blue paint job gave the truck a patriotic presence. Wheels as tall as tigers made it seem like a crouching cat, preparing to pounce. Police sirens crowned its roof. There was no doubt this vehicle raced for the good guys.

Crime Crusher could even fly. Zoë had insisted upon that. No vehicle of hers would be stuck on the ground any more than she was. So the heroes had fitted Crime Crusher with a special feature: an eject button.

Pushing Crime Crusher’s eject button caused something amazing to happen. No, it didn’t blast the passengers from their seats. That was for jets and other normal aircraft. Pushing eject blasted Crime Crusher into the air—the whole truck, passengers included. Rocket blasters sent it skyward. Then its titanic tires swelled, filling with helium.

The heroes believed in being prepared. Especially because they had signed up for Michigan Monster Truck Mayhem, also called M2TM. The monster truck event combined freestyle competition with timed racing. If the heroes wanted to win, they and their truck needed to be ready for anything.

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