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“Novels!” Zoë exclaimed as she and her family entered the public library. Zoë loved books and going to the library. Where else could she visit so many different places in just one place? Every book was a new adventure waiting to take her away.
Librarians Mrs. Dewey and Mr. Decimal gazed appreciatively at the tiny hero. They liked Zoë almost as much as she liked books. In fact, they liked all three of the super siblings. You see, last spring the heroes had saved Easter and the library from Peter Cottontail’s wicked cousin, Patty Rottentail. Afterward the library had hung a commemorative plaque in the lobby to honor the heroes.

“Noteworthy,” Zoë nodded proudly. To have her name posted in the library among so many wonderful authors was humbling.

“Do we have time to look for books?” Abigail asked Mom and Dad.

Today the heroes hadn’t come to the library to check out books. They had come to meet one of Zoë’s favorite authors. The writer was going to be speaking to the public for free. Count that as another reason to visit the library.

Mom grinned at her oldest daughter. “Of course you have time for books. You kids are superheroes. You can move faster than a librarian shushing teenagers in the sparkly vampire section.”

Mom was right as usual. That was a superpower she shared with so many parents. I’m right. Listen to me. Don’t make me turn this car around.

The heroes pumped their fists excitedly but quietly. They were in the library after all. Then they booked off in different directions on the quest to find reading material.

Abigail arrived in the technology section first. The book she wanted had finally been returned: Sports of Tomorrow by Astro Turfington. Reading it would guarantee that she was not only the athletic top dog of today but also the favorite of the future.

Next, Andrew advanced to the history section, aiming straight for the non-fiction section. He selected one of his favorite books, What Goes Around: The History of the Wheel by Axle Treadwell. He had read it many times before, but he always learned something new.
Finally, Zoë zoomed to kid fiction. A new series had just come out, and she couldn’t wait to get started. The first book, Terrible Two’s #1: Infant Tree, looked hilarious.
What a collection of books! The library offered something for everyone.

Want to ride a dragon? Visit the library. Want to win a football championship? Visit the library. Want to explore a mummy’s tomb? Visit the library.

Just remember to thank Benjamin Franklin. He founded the first lending library in America in 1731.

The heroes knew all that, of course. They were already busy with their books. In what seemed like almost no time the book talk was ready to begin. Who knew where that library adventure would take them?

End of the preview.
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